About Me


Alborz Asgharpour

Alborz was born in Tehran on April 27, 1982. After a while when he just entered the university in the field of civil, he followed his technical passion and tried to have some improvements in this area. Later he followed his Master degree in M.B.A to mix his own thechnical knowledge with management. His main focus is on construction with steel & concrete structures and Architectural.

Alborz Asgharpourhas grown to be an internationally successful person. He is designing and building some of Iranian's largest projects, often ahead of schedule, while maintaining a high standard of quality. He has acquired, adapted, and applied advanced technologies in several areas of the engineering and construction industry. He looks forward to further improvements and hope to serve as an example for his country and the world , vision is to build a better world for generations to come.


Member of the board of sasole construction company (construction contractor) , member of the board of PMN Consultant company(designing & drawing), member of the board Pourang Pasargad (EPC).

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